Senior Pastor

Rev. Chuck Horton

Rev. Chuck Horton began his ministry at Weatherford FUMC on July 1, 2021.  Chuck says, “I believe that God is as alive as ever, as loving as ever, and as powerful as ever.  God yearns for all people to receive the Abundant Life that comes through Jesus Christ. This new life includes the forgiveness of our sins, the restoration of our relationships with God and others, and the gifts from his Holy Spirit that enable us to do ministry in partnership with him.” 

Pastor Chuck is married to Nancy, his wife of 42 years. They were college sweethearts, and their family includes four adult daughters and their husbands, and nine grandchildren. Their greatest joy is serving Christ together.  Many times they have been blessed with front-row seats as they have witnessed God do awesome things in people’s lives. Their unceasing prayer is that God will use them at any time of his choosing, at any place of his choosing, to bless anyone of his choosing.  

Some of their ministry is “planned” and some is “unplanned” as they try to always be ready to follow God’s leading. They have done ministry in churches, jails, parks, hospitals, stores, on city sidewalks and anywhere else that God opens opportunities for ministry.  Whether Pastor Chuck is preaching to groups or ministering to people one at a time, his prayer is from the familiar hymn: “O use me, Lord, use even me, just as thou wilt, and when, and where, until thy blessed face I see, thy rest, thy joy, thy glory share!”

Chuck is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church and has served as a pastor for 44 years, including a six-year stint as a district superintendent in Oklahoma.  

He says, “As far as hobbies and interests go, there is no one thing I am interested in.  I like history, reading, traveling, movies, camping, carpentry, yard-work, art, hanging around with young people, going on mission trips, my family, spending time with my wife, and when I have time I like to cheer for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Nancy and I have visited all 50 states, and hope to travel to the Holy Land someday.”  

“If you are looking for a church fellowship to be a part of, we’d love for you to make Weatherford FUMC your church home; and if you have no pastor for you and your family, it would be an honor to me to be able to be your pastor.  Grace & Peace to you.” – Chuck Horton