Prayer Training


6:30pm Mondays

10:30am Wednesdays

Prayer Training Classes coming to a close

The final prayer training class will be on Wednesday, May 1, 2024.

Prayer Classes meet every Monday at 6:30pm and also on Wednesdays at 10:30am.  Each class meets in the Inquiry classroom.  Each week is an individual class over a specific topic.  If you have questions, feel free to call me.

~Nancy Horton

Prayer Classes – Final Semester

It has been fun to watch our class learn to Listen, Love and Pray.  Twenty five years ago Chuck and I began our journey of learning healing prayer starting at the Christian Healing Ministry in Jacksonville, Florida.  We went to classes, and Chuck did a pastor’s internship.  I went to a Healing Retreat and then we both went to serve as Prayer Ministers.  Little did I know that healing would first begin in my own life:  losing a dad at 10, and being sexually abused at 8, and just experiencing the brokenness that life hands us.  As one speaker stated “Do not let your past rob your future.”  As I experienced much freedom for my life I realized that this was God’s desire for all people!  I found myself desiring all people to experience this freedom and started seeing it in the people who would say “Yes” to being prayed with.  One of the main things I learned was that if I followed God’s plan in praying He knew the person better than I and he knew where to start the Healing.  I remember how the Disciples said “teach us to pray” because they saw the relationship Jesus had with His Father “God.”  That is my prayer.

This last section of classes will be on doing Prayer.  The topics will include:  Hearing God, Developing Listening skills, The Gifts of Discernment and Knowledge, Understanding the Family Blessing, Mother and Father Blessing, Special Concerns Occult, Avoiding Burnout, Ministering to the Seriously Ill, The Ministry of God’s Holy Angels, Becoming a Healing Person, Love is a Gift.  The classes include a DVD from the Christian Healing Ministry.  There are 2 classes each week, Mondays at 6:30pm and Wednesdays at 10:30am in the Inquiry Sunday School Classroom.  Each class covers a specific topic.  The schedule will be posted on the community bulletin board.  If you have any questions see call the church office or drop by and see me!