Prayer Training

I would like to extend an invitation for you to join me in the journey of praying with others for God’s love to flow to bring healing in the brokenness of our lives. Since Chuck & I began our walk into healing prayer, I have seen the difference it has made in my life as well as many other’s lives. This is the list of class topics. There will be a Mon. evening class and a Wed. morning class to fit your schedule. If you have any questions contact the church office

~Nancy Horton


6:30pm Mondays (sometimes Tuesdays)
10:30am Wednesdays

Sep 11 & Sep 13: How to Pray for Inner Healing

Sep 18 & Sep 20: Healing Our Image of God

Sep 26 (Tuesday) & Sep 27: Healing in Marriage

Oct 3 (Tuesday) & Oct 4: Healing the Wounds of Divorce

Oct 10 (Tuesday) & Oct 11: Depression

Oct 16 & Oct 18: Praying for Forgiveness

Oct 23 & Oct 25: Healing of Spiritual Abuse

Oct 30 & Nov 1: Praying for PTSD

Nov 6 & Nov 8: Healing of Sexual Awareness

Nov 13 & Nov 15: Healing of Abortion and Miscarriage